Service Learning in Kenya offers high school aged students the chance of a lifetime. To travel to rural Kenya, Africa, where they will teach in local schools, experience cultural interaction and participate in community service, go on a wildlife safari, and more!
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Teaching in front of a classroom of excited young Kenyans.

Working side by side with a school community in rural Kenya to build a new classroom.

Spending part of your summer making a difference in the lives of young dozens of young students.

Having experiences that will change your view of the world, and possibly, of yourself!

At SLIK, there is no reason to imagine… it’s a reality!

What to Expect

Key Components of The SLIK Experience

Serve as a volunteer teacher at a public primary school near the town of Naro Moru. Responsibilities include lesson planning, classroom teaching, and assisting with extra curricular activities with the Kenyan students.

Students will spend the bulk of their day interacting with Kenyan teachers and students. Students will also have an opportunity to visit the homes of Kenyans living in a rural  area and gain a first hand understanding of their lifestyle. Students will also meet with Kenyan elders who were part of Kenya’s struggle for independence in the 1950s.

Prior to going to Kenya participants will be asked to assist with fund raising efforts for the group’s community service project, which will focus on a need at one of the schools. The Americans will spend at least two days actively assisting in the project. Be prepared for physical labor!

The students will be presented with a variety of evening classes related to Kenya’s history, natural history, and language, Kiswahili.

A three-day safari to Samburu Game Reserve where the group will camp and see the wildlife for which this area is famous.

A day will be spent with intensive leadership and team building activities on the high and low challenge course at Batian’s View. High school aged Kenyans from local schools may also be a part of this activity.