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SLIK Videos

This is SLIK

The SLIK Experience and Self Perception

This SLIK video provides a comprehensive overview of what awaits future SLIK participants. It covers the details of the program and all that the students will be doing while in Kenya.
This video examines the relationship between the SLIK experience, a three week volunteer teaching program in Kenya, and student self perception. By stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into new realities, students develop a new sense of self and outlook. The reexamining of one’s beliefs and assumptions in a very new, and at times unsettling situation, leads to new personal insight and strength.

SLIK African Wildlife Safari

SLIK Are You Ready?

One of the most memorable experiences in the SLIK program, is our three day wildlife safari adventure. This video highlights some of the great moments from our 2015 safari excursion.
Take a quick look at all one will do and see during the SLIK program. This five minute video is full of the best photos from the past ten years of SLIK adventures.